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Workforce Training and Development

Employees at Human First are offered a number of opportunities throughout the year to maintain and improve the skills necessary to perform at their best. Human First’s focus is on the quality of our trainings from our certified instructors, and the delivery of information in a variety of settings. We offer classroom based instruction and in-service trainings in our programs to ensure staff competency and success.






Immediately when joining Human First’s staff, you will be required to attend a three day orientation. During this time, the agency’s core trainings will focus on areas such as Corporate Compliance, Abuse Prevention, Individual Rights, Fire Safety, and Choice & Skill Development. Human First’s orientation program reflects a comprehensive approach to the overall competencies necessary for our staff in their new and diverse roles. It builds a solid foundation for our new team members so they can best serve our individuals with quality, integrity and respect. As an added benefit, staff will get to know each other and have some fun in the process!






In addition to orientation, staff members are expected to attend certain required trainings throughout the year based on their job responsibilities.




Required Courses Include:


  • Medicaid Service Coordinator state mandated trainings
  • CPR/First Aid training
  • SCIP-R
  • Approved Medication Administration Personnel (AMAP)
  • Prevention of Choking & Aspiration, 1 & 2






Human First professional development conferences center on a multitude of education programs. From OPWDD core trainings to agency skill development, our conferences provide a chance for staff and affiliates to select courses which are most essential to them. Topics include Cultural Competence, Health & Wellness, Behavior Intervention, Team-Building, Leadership, Relaxation, Time Management and other Core Competencies necessary for the success of our team and organization. Human First looks forward to hosting conferences which provide a forum for learning and growth for service providers from different specialties.




Please contact our Human Resources Department for more information.