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Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention is a program for participants with intense behavioural problems. Human First offers a comprehensive approach to eliminating issues leading to the crisis situation. We provide a behavioural psychologist who completes an assessment and a plan of intervention to help alleviate the crisis. Each of our individuals receives 15 hours of one on one service.

We currently provide Crisis Intervention services in Queens, NY to individuals with developmental disabilities demonstrating behaviors requiring intervention.

What is a Crisis Situation?


A need for

  • 1) immediate alternative day or residential placement; or
  • 2) immediate specialized clinical services (medical, behavioral, or habilitation) due to an individual’s behavioral issues or   family/primary caregiver situation factors.


At Risk

Life changes, such as transitioning to a new school, day program, residence, or living with a new caregiver, may result in behaviors that disrupt an individual’s optimal functioning. Additional services or time-limited services may need to be delivered.

Human First’s Approach

We have a comprehensive approach to eliminating behavioral issues to relieve the crisis situation.

  • Initial assessment of individual and family/primary caregiver by a psychologist;
  • Crisis Intervention Specialist provides 1:1 intervention, 15 hours per month;
  • Behavior Management specialist offers behavioral strategies to families or caregivers.